There is a vast abundance of tips online for real estate agents looking to incorporate SEO into their digital marketing strategy. The top five tips that we feel you need to pay attention to are below.

Tip #1: Update Your Directory Listings

Make sure all contact information is up-to-date as a way of maintaining your search rankings. You want your information to be accurate and found easily on Yellow Pages, Google My Business,  your local real estate board and many others.

Tip #2: Get Reviews

Once your directory listings are up-to-date make sure you get reviews from previous clients. Get your clients, family, and friends to leave you reviews by emailing them the link to your review page. Most people who were satisfied with your services will be happy to help.

Tip #3: Go Mobile

People rely on their mobile devices more, and more now that you need to have your website mobile responsive. You can miss out on a large number of potential clients looking to buy or sell homes, property, and condos without a reliable and mobile-friendly website. It’s important to double check that your site displays correctly on mobile devices. Otherwise, search engines can and will penalize your site if they determine this is not providing quality service.

Tip #4: Start Blogging

One of the best organic SEO methods is to add content to your website on a regular basis by blogging. Adding blog posts helps to bring people to your site, increases your traffic and increases the amount of relevant content on your website which tells search engines you have a great site that is regularly updated. For example, you can even use your blog to advertise a new listing for a loft for sale. It also encourages clients to share your website which creates backlinks to your page. High-quality, relevant and authoritative links can mean better overall rankings.

Tip #5: Get Educated

SEO is such a vital tool that you need to take the time to learn about it and understand how best to apply it for your real estate site. SEO agencies can involve a lot of pressure to get long-term contracts from their clients, but you should never consent to anything you do not understand or something that does not fit your needs.

With over 80% of consumers shopping from their phones and tablets you want to make sure that your website renders accurately on mobile devices. If not you could be missing out on a lot of traffic from consumers looking to buy or sell a home, a condominium or even a piece of property. Additionally, bloggers are out there telling everybody to share and create links. Therefore you want, and need to have quality links to improve your overall rank. Finally, SEO can be beneficial to your site and business, so take the time to learn what will work best for you.