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Gone are the days when business was just limited to stores and company walls. Due to the full and quick accessibility to the internet, online marketing has changed the game completely. Over the past few year, several leading brands and companies have invested their time and money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media marketing.

Unlike what many people assume, Google doesn’t have one set algorithm to rank sites. Rather, it keeps tweaking its ranking criteria to get the best on the top. A recent study on the online marketing policies of different companies revealed that over 74% of them believe that their ranks on search engines depend on their social signal metric, i.e., their followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, as per a new video released by Google’s Matt Cutts, Google no more counts on social media metric when it comes to SEO ranking and website optimization.

On the other hand, Neil Patel of Quick Sprout shared his point of view about the significance of Social Media metric and said that the performance of a company on social media platforms greatly influences its overall rank on the search engine. Therefore, it is unwise of the online marketers to give-up on social media marketing. Below are the reasons why his argument makes more sense.

Social Media Metrics may affect your rank

Despite Cutts’ argument against the role played by social media to determine a company’s rank on search engine, it is quite obvious that if a social media post goes viral, it is going to boost the overall status of the company. Also, if users click the links used on social media to promote a company or its product, it supports the credibility of the company. And search engines do use this credibility to rank company’s site and the keyword used.

Search Engine results do include social media profiles

It is evident that social media profiles provide a closer and more personal outlook of a brand. This is the reason why when a company is searched for in a search engine; its social media pages also appear in the result. And unlike monotonous websites, social platforms have a more personalized approach towards the branding and marketing of the product, which is why they are more likely to be clicked and explored.

At this point, it is also essential to clarify that some people consider Google+ as a not-so-significant medium to connect with people. However, the reality is that a company’s Google+ profile is one of the first things users might click on. Therefore, always keep your Google+ active and updated.


Don’t forget Social Media’s search engines

We all agree that SEO is the ‘thing’ these days. But who says SEO is just limited to Google? All social media platforms have their search engines, and many people use them find more about their favourite brand or product. Therefore, it is essential to understand that search is not within the domain of Google but within also within all other social media.

This means that if for example, you are quite active on Instagram, the possibility is high that users will get to know about your new launch via the hashtags that you have used within your Insta post. These hashtags are searched by users in Instagram’s search engine. So if you are new to Instagram, you have to work hard to gain followers on Instagram fast.

Not now does not mean never

It might be true that today, social media metric is not the most important factor contributing to your SEO rank on google, but it’s not going stay the same forever. Since social media provides a less plastic face of a company and at times shows the scenes behind the screen, it’s a competent way to win customers’ trust. Therefore, social media activity has all the necessary reasons to stand as an experiential component of SEO algorithm.

What about other search engines?

As we mentioned earlier, SEO is not just limited to Google. There are several other search engines which are actively being used. Bing is one of them. And unlike Google, they put great emphasis on your social media profile to decide your SEO ranking. As Bing said that they keep a close check on who you are following and who is following you.

Conclusively, it is right to say that Google’s current stance on social media metric should not be taken as the final verdict to dismiss these social channels from the marketing platform. From their active roles, it is quite evident that social media has the potential to win more customers for your company. However, companies should work on new approaches to understand what other factors can influence a company’s SEO ranking.


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