It is of vital importance for any businessman to work rapidly. It is crucial to keep up with the times and be ahead of your competitors. And, moreover, it is important to be the first who distributes the product in masses.

However, due to an enormous amount of services the Internet can offer you, it is still hard to be on the top. That’s why people in business try to implement different strategies and tactics to be at stake. But what strategy has never failed?

Perhaps, one of the most powerful and resultative strategies that have ever been created is email outreach.

Notwithstanding the fact that this process consists of a few basic positions, it still works great. The simplicity of email outreach lies in the following steps:

  • You find your target audience
  • Get contacts
  • Send a direct message offering your service

It seems easy, right? However, if it were too easy, everyone could achieve the goals in any business.

Those who get tons messages per day won’t spend his or her time reading your lame messages (even if you offer an awesome service). It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve their attention; it doesn’t mean you have no credibility in those people’s eyes. No. It just means you have no idea how to take steps towards a successful email outreach.

I’m going to reveal you 8 positions on how to make your email outreach better.

Let’s begin.

1. Know Your Competitors – They Will Help You Reach Out an Audience

Despite the fact the Internet is full up with different worth using tools and services, there is still a chance for you to boost your business. And you can do this with the help of your competitors.

The first step you should take is to work with Google. In other words, identify what keywords are relevant to your niche and see what Google offers you. Let’s say you are interested in promoting some piece of content on “Anchor text” and this very keyword you should put into a searching box of Google: EMAIL-OUTREACH-SEO

As you can see, Google offers us a few powerful articles where we can earn backlinks to your target audience.

The first step is done. The next one is searching for backlinks for SEO.

2. Explore Backlinks

Why do you need to explore backlinks?

These backlinks are the source of people you could offer your service. However, how is it possible to track these backlinks?

It is very easy to do via Ahrefs Site Explorer.

The first thing you will have to do is put the link to your competitor’s piece of content in Site Explorer searching box

Afterwards, Site Explorer will provide you with all backlinks to this article:

 site explorer seo

You can use filters to narrow down your search results focusing, for instance, on English language type of content. It is up to you. The only thing you will have to do manually is to browse through these links by yourself: backlinks seo

When all backlinks have been found it is time to collect the data you need.

3. Collect the List of Your Target Audience

Since Ahrefs Site Explorer has provided you with more than thousand backlinks, you will have to collect the data without missing anything. I suggest you use the old proven method – creating a spreadsheet in Google Docs. All you need is to create a few columns like a link to the article, name of the person, and email address (other columns might be added by desire). If you tried to discover the backlinks to a few of your competitors’ articles, then you can just create a new tab in your spreadsheet where you’ll add new information: 


This way of storing the data is always to the point.

4. Get a Right Contact Information

This step is strictly important because if you don’t find the right email addresses of the recipients, you won’t promote your service.

You might say there is nothing hard in finding person’s email address. If the person doesn’t see any necessity of hiding his or her email, you will likely find it within famous social media accounts, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+.

LinkedIn example: 

However, if you have no idea where or how to find the proper email address, thus you should use some additional tools. Here I want to suggest you the following:

  • I believe this is one of the best services for finding anyone’s email address I have ever used. You need to know only person’s name and website the person is related to. Moreover, this tool can check whether the email address is correct or not. Its Chrome Extension app is able to scan one’s LinkedIn profile in terms of searching email address.
  • Voilanorbert. Another one cool tool I prefer to use. It works almost the same as but it doesn’t provide you with correct results for 100%.
  • Findanyemail. The main specific feature of this tool is that it offers you a list of all emails it could find according to your inquiry. That’s not good because there is no guarantee that emails it offers still exist.
  • This service provides you with a list of email addresses based on a domain name you put in a searching box. As you probably guessed, it doesn’t mean these emails are correct for sure.

Now, when you have all the information you need, you should think about email templates.

5. Prepare Good Templates

When it comes to templates, it is rather hard to create one for all occasions. And it is impossible. I won’t suggest you some rough email templates here (as examples) but I want to explain you the importance of personalisation email templates.

Do you remember this proverb “Never judge the book by its cover”?  Considering email templates this rule doesn’t work here. What is the first thing the recipient notices when gets your message? Right, it is the subject line of your message.

If your subject line has generic phrases where you offer your service directly, the chances the message will be read are low. This is due to the fact that your recipient gets dozens of messages with the similar subject. It doesn’t impress him or her. It won’t arouse the interest to read it.

However, if you try to create a unique subject line, the message will be opened for sure. I strongly recommend you to discover more personal information about the recipient. You should read some of the person’s past articles, look through the information about his or her interests/hobbies. I am sure it will help you both in creating a subject line and writing the introduction in the message.

Use your imagination and go ahead (but don’t push yourself too hard!). Here are some examples of subject lines I created (and succeeded): 

There are a few more examples I can introduce you but I believe you got a clue.

The next position in creating a great email template is working with the body of the message. My experience shows that the introduction of the message plays no less important role in the whole system.

Before you start offering your service, you must “force” the recipient to focus attention on reading the message. Thus, if even the subject line was eye-catchy but the very first passage of the message is lame – it won’t be read to the end (and your service won’t be distributed).

For instance, if you found a backlink to some article (and you want to reach out the author of this piece), you should share your thoughts about the information you got reading the post. No need to write in detail. Go straight to the point and don’t overuse ordinary compliments about how the post is awesome (everyone tries to write so).

Following these pieces of advice, your email templates will likely be read (and replied).

SIDENOTE: if you want to know why popular marketers delete your emails, you should check out this detailed article (I Just Deleted Your Outreach Email Without Reading)

6. Don’t Forget to Automate Your ‘Email Blast’

I believe you will agree with me that doing an email outreach manually is a tedious process. It should be automated with the help of specialized services. The one I, personally, use on daily basis is BuzzStream.

I like and recommend you using BuzzStream because it is user-friendly and oriented to do ‘email blast’ without any problems. The tool has a wide range of functions for link building, promoting your brand and so on. But I mainly use it because of its awesome features for email marketing.

BuzzStream lets you create (or upload) templates making them more personal with the help of inserting dynamic fields: 

Thanks to its email tracking function you will always know whether your message has been seen or not (how many times and when): 

As you can see, BuzzStream is pretty good enough in terms of email outreach and you shouldn’t neglect of using this.

7. Make a Bit for the Best Email Template

It is understood that there is no point in creating and using a huge amount of templates. Some of them go for nothing, the others – worth using. Thus, there is always a dilemma – which template is really good and which is – not?

Again, BuzzStream will help you identify a desirable template. It reveals you such metrics as open rate and replies: 


Afterwards, you will have to choose which template worth using more or less.

8. Don’t Rush and Be Persistent

Newbies who have no experience in email marketing face such problem as their messages never get replies. It leads to two possible ways of reaction:

  1. They start to send messages one by one almost every day
  2. They forget about the recipient at all

I must underline – both ways are wrong!

If the recipient hasn’t replied you yet, it doesn’t mean he or her ignores you. You should cut yourself a break and send the next message in a few days (but not the same one). Let’s see my example: email-outreach-5

You can see I sent my first message 09/30/16; the second one was sent In 13 days after and only then I got the reply. It proves that there is no need in multiple email blast every day. I believe this proverb is suitable for the occasion: “everything comes to him who waits”.

Now let’s consider the second way – when newbies forget about the recipients at all.

First, I’d like you to have a look these screenshots:


And this one:

 email outreaching

You noticed I sent my first message 06/30/16 – didn’t get anything in return. Nevertheless, I decided to don’t disturb this recipient for a long time – 5 months. Only after these 5 months I sent him my next massage and got his reply on the same day. Miracle, right? 🙂

As you can see, you should remember about the golden mean and your messages will always be read.


Email outreach demands some skills and experience – that’s true. However, you can do it well just following these steps I introduced you in this post. Stick to these simple pieces of advice and you will get results you need. I promise 🙂

Don’t forget to comment and share. Thanks.

Sergey Aliokhin is an Outreach manager at Ahrefs. He spends most of the time discovering and learning SEO and Internet Marketing tendencies. His primal goal is to study and practice new aspects of an outreach strategy. In his spare time, he likes to spend his time with family, visit specialized sports club, study martial arts. If he has nothing to do at all, he prefers reading books on science-fiction and playing the bass guitar.