If you are a new blogger or you want to make your blog or you are inspired by others and thinking of making a blog, or you are dreaming of to be a famous blogger in future, THEN, you should know some of the things before making your dreams and think true, look at the SEO tutorials. This article is going to be very helpful for beginners as it is going to clear all of the confusions they deal with and will be readily understandable through SEO tutorials.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the process which put you on the high ranking of the search engines, like Google. It brings more traffic to your blog and will be very helpful in making your blog famous. It is really important to know the whole main idea of SEO because it helps you gain more and more people visit.

The concept of SEO:

Once you optimize your site or blog, there is a good percentage of chance that you will receive a good number of traffic visiting it. If you have an optimized site, then your site or blog will appear first as compared to those sites or blogs which are not optimized.

Why should you know about SEO?

The dream of becoming a Professional Blogger will be left as a dream if you don’t know about SEO. You will not be able to earn well as well. You need to look for SEO tutorials and learn it because it is important if you really want to rank your site.

Types of SEO?

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is an illegal way to be ranked well by Google. And you should never try it as there is a chance that you might get banned by Google.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the best method to follow. It takes time but trusts me; it’s worth it.

What are the tips for utilizing it?

The tactics include:

  • Relevant content
  • Well labeled images
  • Relevant links and references
  • Complete sentences with good grammar and spelling
  • Standard complaint HTML
  • Unique and relevant page title

SEO page requirements:

Title page:

The title should make sense. It should be catchy and have the main keyword so that it got attracted to the people and you have more visitors.

Meta description:

Most readers click on your site or blog after reading your Meta description. So make it look good.


In the first 100 to 150 words, you should use your keyword 2 or 3 times.

Blog speed:

Google nowadays is considering the fast loading blogs.

Best WordPress Plugin for On page SEO:

In WordPress, there is a plugin called Yoast SEO which makes easy for you to do on-page SEO. Like this plugin, tell you what you need to do with your posts to get good search rankings.

Keyword tactics:

The keyword is the backbone of your blog post. You should target the keyword correctly to come high on search links.


It’s a type of vote to the blog posts or site.

Use of SSL Certificate:

It means if your site runs with SSL certificate that you‘ll get a good boost in SERPs.

Things you should NOT do:

  • Spamming
  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword Stuffing


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