Agile marketing isn’t new, but its effects over the last decade have been revolutionary in the world of tech. Born in 2001 as a framework for developing software, we can thank Agile for much of the innovation in b2b software as a service (SaaS) and mobile applications.

But Is Agile Only Effective In An IT Setting?

What is Agile?

Above all, Agile is a project management framework. Its four core values and 12 principles provide a mindset that can be applied to a wide range of applications.

Put simply, Agile divides a project into short “sprints,” with a focus on responding to change and gathering customer feedback on a continual basis. This is in contrast to other approaches, which include making a plan at the start and then executing it all the way until the end, or a mix of various strategies.

Are Marketers Using Agile?

While Agile is a popular project management approach for tech companies and design firms, marketers haven’t taken to it much. According to Workfront’s Agile Marketing Report 2016, just 14% of marketers are using Agile, while 40% rely on a hodge-podge of several different project management strategies.

In fact, 40% of respondents to Workfront’s survey didn’t even know what Agile is, or how it could be applied to marketing. This leads to the question: is Agile a poor fit for marketers?

How Can Marketers Benefit from Agile?

The key advantage of using Agile for project management is that if forces you to focus on your customer. Instead of sticking to a rigid process, you’re constantly re-evaluating based on customer feedback, and you become obsessed with providing value to end users. To marketers, this value is called “benefits.”

With such a customer-centric approach to project management, Agile seems ideal for marketing. And because it’s more of a mindset than an actual process, it can be applied to just about any marketing department worldwide.

Of course, many marketers are beginning to see the benefit of Agile for project management. To learn more, check out the infographic about agile marketing below.


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