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Annabelle Smyth – Freelance Writer in Salt Lake City, Utah She enjoys writing about leadership, HR, employee engagement and personal productivity. She has most recently worked with BambooHR & CMOE. When not writing and educating herself, you can find her hiking the canyons with her dog and friends.

Are Marketers Clueless About Agile?

Agile marketing isn’t new, but its effects over the last decade have been revolutionary in the world of tech. Born in 2001 as a framework for developing software, we can thank Agile for much of the innovation in b2b software as a service (SaaS) and mobile applications. But Is Agile Only Effective In An IT Setting? What is Agile? Above all, Agile is a project management framework. Its four core values and 12 principles provide a mindset that can be applied to a wide range of applications. Put simply, Agile divides a project into short “sprints,” with a focus on [...]

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Data Never Sleeps

  Technology truly rules the world. And all that technology is creating an ocean of data. In the ever-changing tech market where there are more mobile devices than people, technology is constantly at the forefront of most people’s minds. And every interaction with their devices creates a unique data point that companies can use to inform their understanding of user behavior for marketing purposes. The Difference, The Right Data, Can Make Opportunities abound when you can leverage the benefits of social insights informed by concrete data. The magic happens not when you can just compile mountains of data points, but [...]

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