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Want to dominate SEO? Think long-tail keywords

A lot of people still make the mistake of optimizing for a specific keyword or a short keyword phrase when doing SEO. After Google’s Hummingbird update last September, their algorithm is looking for content about topics instead of individual keywords. If you pick a short tail keyword that has hundreds of thousands of searches per month, you will be competing against large companies that have huge authority which will likely take you months or years (if you are lucky) to get to the first page of search results. The article linked below talks about some of the strategies you can employ to start strategizing for long-tail keywords instead of short-tail. […]

Develop personality instead of SEO?

Yeah, that will work. It always amazes me when journalists write about SEO and they have no clue what they are talking about. The author of the article linked and quoted below believes that personality is more important than keywords. The key lies in what she said: keywords. You can’t just optimize a site using keyword and meta tags. It takes far more than that including compelling content, rich media, social media activity and other sites linking to you. […]

Google may be changing their ways in regards to “Not provided” search phrases

Us SEO’s have been left frustrated by Google hiding which search phrases are being used to find our client’s websites. They say they did this to protect the privacy of those people logged into Google accounts who are using Google to search. Last September, Google announced that they will be hiding all searches, which would make it even more difficult for SEO companies like ours. But, now it looks like they may be rethinking that. Is Google About To Make A U-Turn On “Not Provided”? […]

Choosing the best SEO Company

The decision to choose which Phoenix SEO company to hire is a very important one and could have far reaching implications on your company. The impacts could be positive or negative. On the positive side, hiring the right company improves your profit. On the flipside, you could spend lots of money on rogue companies which help you with nothing really and even get your website blacklisted. To ensure that you get the best company that gives you value for money, consider the following factors. […]