beginners guide to window tint shop seo

Modern businesses need a solid SEO presence if they want to compete in the contemporary marketplace, and your tint shop is no exception and our window tint shop SEO guide can help. Every window tinting entrepreneur understands the importance of ranking highly for terms such as “paint protecting film” or “window film,” but the process of getting there is a lot fuzzier. Professional SEO services are the best way to improve your SEO performance, but there are some simple steps you can take to boost your performance on your own. You probably won’t achieve the coveted number one spot using the tips below, but as SEO best practices they can only help.

The Basics of Keywords

Search engines operate by “indexing,” or using special website crawlers to catalog all of the content available online. When somebody performs a search using keywords, Google checks this index to evaluate sites according to their relevance to the search terms provided. It spits out the sites it deems most relevant for window tinting at the top of the list of search results, increasing the exposure of those sites in the process.

You may be tempted to rank for a broad key term such as “window,” but the word is so broad that it has little meaning to a search engine. It is much better to rank for the window tinting services you provide, such as “window tint service.” Most customers are looking for a tint shop in their area, so including a geographic identifier in your keywords (ex. window tinting Las Vegas) can also help.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what keywords to focus on let’s take a look at how to go about doing it. First, you want to use your keywords multiple times in the content you post, but not so often that you are “overstuffing.” A good target to shoot for is three mentions on shorter posts and six on longer ones, including your title. Any more than this and you may be compromising your post’s readability, turning prospective customers off. Google will also penalize you for keyword-stuffing instead of providing actual content, so avoid overdoing it!

If you’re struggling to write without using particular words or phrases, you can use synonyms. Google is smart enough to know what synonyms are, so you can write convincing copy without aggravating the search engine’s algorithm.

Post Quality Content

Consumers know what was written for them and what was written primarily for a search engine, frequently rejecting the latter category as a result. The best way to combat this is to genuinely try to create content that will help your readers every time you make a post. Social likes and shares are taken into consideration by search engines, so appealing directly to your audience will improve your SEO as well.

Strategic Placement of Keywords

Try to use keywords in essential areas of your content, such as the title and any sub-headings where they make sense. Your primary keywords should also appear early on in the body text, ideally in the first sentence. If that is not feasible, try to get them into your introductory paragraph at least. This helps website crawlers catalog them effectively.

Avoid Plagiarism

All of the content you post should be exclusive to your website. Contrary to what many think, you are not flagged for blatantly plagiarizing content found on another site. However, website crawlers will realize that they have seen the content before and not give you any credit for it, preventing even the most enlightening post from improving your SEO at all.

Plagiarizing your site is even worse. Google hates when business owners try to take advantage of it, so most search engines will actively suppress a website with multiple identical pages. Avoid these optimization techniques at all costs!


As mentioned above, most people looking for a window tint shop want one near them. Therefore, it is advantageous to include your location as well as the area you service to give Google some guidance on where it would be best to display your company.

SEO is an arena contested by small businesses and national brands alike, making it incredibly competitive. Frequent content creation, blogging, social media syndication, and link building are necessary just to maintain a decent rating. Still, our window tint shop SEO guide can help you get the rankings you want.