Every company strives to get more traffic to their website, and ultimately more sales, making SEO, or search engine optimization one of the most important subjects on the Internet.

If you own a carpet cleaning or house cleaning company, you can enjoy a higher ranking in the search engine results if you use these tips.

  1. Google My Business
  2. Keywords Should Be Spelled Correctly
  3. Use Those Keywords Sparingly
  4. Don’t Use Broken Links
  5. Don’t Use Duplicate Content

Google My Business

It’s still something of a mystery to many how local SEO works, although it is important to have a grasp of it as Google has begun to favor more local search results.

Your first step should be to create a Google My Business page for your carpet cleaning or house cleaning company, then follow these steps to help improve your ranking:

  • Your contact information and address should be correct; double check to make sure they are.
  • Your website should be linked to your Google My Business page.
  • The page should also list the hours that your company or store operates.
  • Your Google My Business page should contain as many favorable customer reviews as possible.
  • Your Google My Business page should be verified.
refresh carpet and upholstery care google my business listing vancouver

The verified Google My Business listing for Refresh Carpet Cleaning Vancouverhttp://refreshcarpetclean.com/

Keywords Should Be Spelled Correctly

Keywords that are deliberately misspelled can harm your positive image and hurt your credibility, so don’t be tempted to do that even if it might improve your rankings. You don’t want to give the impression that your carpet cleaning company is unprofessional or you are uneducated. The habit of misspelling keywords will become a thing of the past as improvements are made to search engines and browser capability.

Use Those Keywords Sparingly

Don’t use more than two to three keywords or key phrases in a blog post or on your service page when you are designing your website, as it can actually be difficult for the client to determine what the focus of that page is. And the search engines may have a problem with overstuffed keyword density too. Create more than one service page or blog if you have more than one keyword to focus on. You can potentially enjoy a higher search engine rank if you make a point of coming up with well-written content on more than one page as needed.

Your customers can understandably become frustrated if they come across broken links, and also get the impression that the company isn’t monitoring their website. And if you have broken links, you can often be penalized by the search engines, which can adversely affect your rankings. Use a link checker to make sure all your links are accurate and intact.

Don’t Use Duplicate Content

Google and the other search engines don’t like duplicate content, although the natural inclination is that by posting duplicate content it will attract more customers. Search engines can ban a website with duplicate content, or penalize it, both of which will, of course, affect your SEO rankings. Make a point of coming up with high quality and original content rather than creating duplicate content which can only hurt your carpet cleaning business.

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