How to Improve Customer Service through Social Media

Social Media has made it very easy to increase your business sales and to reach out to your target audience. Social media has decreased the need for paid marketing techniques by removing the gap between customers and businesses. Now, companies can reach out to their customers and customers can communicate their concerns to relevant businesses without any barriers. The direct communication of businesses and customers has made it very easy for companies to attract more customers and keep the current ones by improving their customer services. Social media has given an excellent chance of increased word of mouth marketing and [...]

Effective Social Media Management Tips For Small Business

Running a business is a tough job, and it doesn’t matter if it's on a large or small scale, it's business, and you’ve got to put all your efforts in it. The reason why a successful business demands more effort and struggle is that there is a lot of competition in the market now. There will be hundreds of more people selling the same services/products as you are and if you genuinely want to stand out among all the other people then you’ve got to use unique and cunning tactics in your business. Now, we all know the fact that [...]

Tips for Telling Your Brand Story on Social Media

  Leveraging the power of social media is a great way to build a brand because it serves as a direct line to your target audience and communicates with them in real-time. When done correctly, brand storytelling allows marketers to build a brand personality and associate emotion with a brand to create a personal connection with consumers. To tell the story behind a brand, marketers are interested in leveraging the convergence of programmatic advertising and content creation, all due to the prevalence of social media today. We present you with ways to create your social brand narrative and build an [...]

Which Social Media Strategy is Right for Your Franchise?

Social media is an enormous part of business growth. At the same time, franchise social media is on its own level regarding strategy. It requires balancing franchise-wide cohesion and brand recognition with the flexibility for each franchise to connect with its customer base. According to 2016 studies, most franchises just don’t know how to handle social media strategy. For instance, the majority of franchise social media presence suffered from issues such as poor content maintenance, lack of consistent keywords, lack of customer interaction, and brand inconsistencies across multiple franchise locations. Having a cohesive social media strategy and sticking to it [...]

5 Things You Need to Know about Social Media and SEO

Gone are the days when business was just limited to stores and company walls. Due to the full and quick accessibility to the internet, online marketing has changed the game completely. Over the past few year, several leading brands and companies have invested their time and money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media marketing. Unlike what many people assume, Google doesn’t have one set algorithm to rank sites. Rather, it keeps tweaking its ranking criteria to get the best on the top. A recent study on the online marketing policies of different companies revealed that over 74% of [...]

5 Hacks to use Social Selling to Push Buyers Down your Sales Funnel

Jump starting a sales funnel provides a challenge even to established businesses. People are no longer responsive to traditional advertising and instead, demand content. Digital marketing and content marketing especially have given people the desire for strong brand presence. Consumers want to see why your brand is high quality; not just take an advertisement's word for granted. It’s your job to negotiate your message with consumers and move them down your sales funnel. This process involves everything from social media to email marketing. Negotiation, this kind of marketing strategy, is no easy task, but luckily with a little content marketing [...]

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Never Mess With Instagram And The Reasons Why

Instagram is one of the popular social media nowadays after Facebook and Twitter dominated the whole network services. It displays series of photos of people who would like to share their day-to-day moments. Everyone can follow anyone upon looking at their news feed and clicking on the follow button on their bio. Profiles can be private or public; depending on how personal the account is. Random people can post anything on it and even buy likes on Instagram. How do people mess with Instagram? This public social networking service has its proper etiquette. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram follows formal [...]

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Data Never Sleeps

  Technology truly rules the world. And all that technology is creating an ocean of data. In the ever-changing tech market where there are more mobile devices than people, technology is constantly at the forefront of most people’s minds. And every interaction with their devices creates a unique data point that companies can use to inform their understanding of user behavior for marketing purposes. The Difference, The Right Data, Can Make Opportunities abound when you can leverage the benefits of social insights informed by concrete data. The magic happens not when you can just compile mountains of data points, but [...]

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The 4 Types of Web Traffic Every Small Business Needs

  In today’s blog post we have Thomas Eder of Sawgrass Digital Marketing here to shed light on the four types of web traffic every small business needs, why you need to diversify your traffic sources, and when to invest in paid or unpaid sources of traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of every website and it’s something that all small businesses need. Without traffic, a website is like a ghost ship floating in the middle of a vast lonely ocean. Traffic gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers online and make sales. If you can’t connect with your [...]

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Is SEO Still Important In The Online Marketing World Today?

  Over the past few years, Google has appeared to squelch all attempts to use SEO for marketing purposes. In the recent past, search engine optimization was all about getting tons of backlinks and stuff content full of keywords. SEO was a practice that was actively worked on. However, targeting real human beings is what Google wants you to do. They would prefer that you don't even think about SEO. For a very long time, this message has been preached by people such as Matt Cutts, so it does appear that this philosophy is one they are quite serious about. [...]

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