The decision to choose which Phoenix SEO company to hire is a very important one and could have far reaching implications on your company. The impacts could be positive or negative. On the positive side, hiring the right company improves your profit. On the flipside, you could spend lots of money on rogue companies which help you with nothing really and even get your website blacklisted. To ensure that you get the best company that gives you value for money, consider the following factors.

SEO Experience

You want an SEO company in Phoenix, AZ that has dealt with many clients in the past and not one that is just starting out. Ask for the company to give you a list of its past customers. You can then call these companies to see if they have experienced increased sales as a result of having hired the SEO company that you are interested in hiring.


It is important to know the level of commitment of the particular SEO service provider to your business. Do you see the team discussing keywords that will be vital in web search? A committed firm tries to know as much regarding your business as possible. Therefore, be ready to have a session with service providers for some hours so that they can learn your targets and business.

During the interview, throw in some questions and watch how your professional SEO provider responds. He needs to be professional in the way they answer the questions.

SEO Results

When you are not thorough during the interview, do not expect that the SEO results will yield a lot. Although your business may still improve, it may not be necessarily because of customer internet searches. It is possible that many customers, upon being asked to tick boxes of where they heard about your company, will say that it was not through the online mode.

For a search to turn up your business and interest people to actually click on it, you need to work with SEO teams that are as specific as possible. Local search options include keywords such a state, regions or towns in the search phrase. The company needs to seriously think about the most common terms that people use when searching for particular products or services.

Adding SEO posts to the Web

Starting a blog is one of the ways that you can use to get your SEO articles onto the web. Basically, it involves an employee of the company or someone hired, writing interesting articles that touch on the firm’s field. For instance, if it is about a moving company, some articles that could be written include packing smartly for a long distance destination. This way, you get a chance to be specific and target an audience having specialized needs.

Writing short explanations or descriptions about web items is yet another way to kick-start SEO. For instance, if you are promoting an athletic shoe firm, you may want to write some unique information regarding every listed item.

How do you tell if SEO works and after how long?

The contract that you have with the SEO firm ought to include a clause stipulating that performance will be reviewed after a certain period. But after the company has done its work, there should be an instant jump in the amount of hits that your website gets. However, it is completely another thing for these hits to translate into sales increase or conversions. But generally, you should see improved revenue in six months.

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