You may be taking notice of competitors in the roofing trade sitting on top of search engine listings and be asking yourself “just how do I get there”? The truth of the matter is that there are indeed some factors to be considered, but a critical one is that roofers grasp and understand local roofing SEO. Doing so is going to be a great asset in boosting the ranking of your company on search engines.

To promote their services to local customers, businesses put the local search engine optimization (SEO) type of marketing to use. Many look at it as a newer version of the phone book. A search engine’s listing order is determined by algorithms, which are mathematical calculations put to use identifying just how closely the website of a business or it’s page matches whatever it is the customer may be seeking.

So just how is it that you make it far more likely that Bing, Google or any other search engines are going to recognize that your roofing business is the one that a local customer wants to get?


  1. Select Keywords That Are Location-Specific
  2. Throughout Your Roofing Website Implement Keywords
  3. To Your Page Titles And Metadata, Add Your Location-Specific Keywords
  4. Use A Consistent Name, Phone Number, And Address
  5. Make A Google My Business Account

1. Select Keywords That Are Location-Specific

If it is to the top of the search results for roofing that you seek to rise, it is vital that in your website and social media content you use location keywords.

These tools are free, like Keyword and Google Keyword Planner which you may put to use researching local roofing SEO terms. Of course, digging into specific keywords that are going to grow the online presence of your company is time well spent, but also remember that you can and should brainstorm your own list as well.

Think about yourself as the homeowner that requires your services. To find a roofer, just what search terms would you use? Put together a list of the phrases and words that come to mind such as roof repair, roofers, roofing contractors and so on.

The next step will be to pair those words with any local terms that one may use in their specific area to find that service. Now included in your expanded list will be phrases to rank for like:

  • Roofing contractors (your local search area)
    Example: Roofing contractor Phoenix AZ
  • Roof repair (your local search area)
    Example: Roof repair Las Vegas NV
  • (your local search area) Roofers
    Example: Tucson AZ Roofer

For any other services, you may offer, walk through the same process as well, such as window installation, gutter replacement, etc.

2. Throughout Your Roofing Website Implement Keywords

Make sure that you incorporate your company’s website terms and social network content, once you have prepared the local roofing SEO keyword list. When a potential customer types these words into a search engine, your business is going to appear higher in the listing more likely.

quantum roofing website

The home page for Quantum Roofing Maple Ridge. An example of how to use your keywords in the main heading.

An excellent example is above of a roofing company putting into use on their homepage location-specific keywords. In a header format, they added it here with supporting content, which is a terrific way for your keywords to be implemented and to help you, raise your SEO ranking.

3. To Your Page Titles And Metadata, Add Your Location-Specific Keywords

Including your location-specific keywords into your metadata and your title is a good practice for SEO. As you will notice in the below screenshot, you can help boost your ranking on Google by adding to your title and metadata your keywords for your homepage, service pages, and even your blog posts.

4. Use A Consistent Name, Phone Number, And Address

In your local SEO efforts, this will play a crucial role. Best practices for local roofing SEO are to add to the footer of your website your primary office address. In the example below, you can see this. To make sure that Google understands you are from this specific area, an essential part is to add to the footer of your website your address and to be consistent when referring to your location in other parts of your site.

Also, you want to make sure that up to date with your current office location are all of the significant business listings. With this tool from MOZ, you can view if your listings are indeed correct. You can also fix automatically any in-filled or incorrect fields for $9 a month with their essential level package. Take a look at it here:

5. Make A Google My Business Account

An excellent way to be on top of the Google search is to create a Google My Business account if you have not already. It can be of great help and not just in your roofing SEO efforts and is an easy process to handle. Your customers will be able to review your business here. It will also make your site more visible on Google products like Map and Search.

But, Wait!

It is about more than using the right keywords when it comes to boosting the local search for a small business. As an example, based on the most recent algorithm updates of Google, in competitive markets, some of the factors that ranked a business higher were related to local search engine optimization.

To increase your local roofing business search visibility, here are some additional tips:

  • Post your office hours.
  • From other websites, generate links to your site.
  • For each office location, create separate web pages.