google penguin signAfter the Google Penguin updates of 2013, we gained a number of new SEO clients that were penalized due to over-optimized anchor text. For those of you who many not know, anchor text is the text on a web page that links to another page or site. It’s usually underlined, but not always. For example, if we linked to Google we might make the link say:

  • Google
  • Search Engine

What did the Penguin update target?

The Penguin update targeted sites that were over-optimizing their keywords as their anchor text as part of their search engine optimization backlinking strategy. So if you had a site about “Blue one-armed widgets”, having too many links with anchor text that said “blue one-armed widgets” could get you penalized. A more natural link profile would have text that would include the brand name, URL or even random text. So if the brand name was “Acme Widgets” and the URL was “” you’d have anchor text that looked like this:

  • Acme Widgets
  • Go to Acme Widgets
  • Read more

Here’s a quick video for more info on anchor text balancing.

What can you do to fix it?

Depending upon the amount of links pointed at your site, you can fix your anchor text profile by diversifying your anchor text by building more links. If you have hundreds of links pointed at your site, you may be better off starting with a new domain or utilizing another method that is working wonderfully for us.

Give us a call at Coronation Internet Marketing in Phoenix at (480) 630-0104 and we can help to balance your anchor text or help you recover using other methods. Our search marketing agency offers free, no obligation, consultations about SEO for your business.