google not provided grumpy cat
Us SEO’s have been left frustrated by Google hiding which search phrases are being used to find our client’s websites. They say they did this to protect the privacy of those people logged into Google accounts who are using Google to search.

Last September, Google announced that they will be hiding all searches, which would make it even more difficult for SEO companies like ours. But, now it looks like they may be rethinking that.

Is Google About To Make A U-Turn On “Not Provided”?

“Over a period of time, we [Google’s search and ad sides] have been looking at this issue…. we’re also hearing from our users that they would want their searches to be secure … it’s really important to the users. We really like the way things have gone on the organic side of search.

“I have nothing to announce right now, but in the coming weeks and months as [we] find the right solution, expect something to come out.

“We will have more to announce once we’ve done a proper analysis.”


We don’t really know the extent to which they will be revealing this information. We’d love to see everything but it’s fair to say that Google will likely not do that.