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As you may already know, one of the best ways to devise a good SEO strategy is by looking at what is working for your competition and emulating their efforts. While it is impossible to get the full analytics on a competitor, there are still a few search engine optimization tips
you can use to spy on your competition and see what’s working for them. One is by running a top pages report. In this article, we’re going to explore the different types of top pages and how you can use this data to improve your search engine optimisation efforts based on these metrics.

Top Pages for Links

The top pages by links are those pages that are generating the most backlinks or have the highest domain authority, another word for trust factor. Study whatever was done to generate this incredible link profile so you can replicate it on the content you want to be similarly shared. Did you interview in a magazine article that was widely shared? Is the page well linked because of influencer marketing?

Are users of the product themselves sharing the links because it is so useful, such as sharing links to your self-help resources or help desk? Remember that top pages by links may not be your content marketing pages, but the business directory listings for your firm or resources people need the most. You can use tools like to find out the top pages by links.

So what is the best strategy to “steal” links from your competitors? Make a list of linking websites to your competitor’s sites by DA (domain authority) and ask your VA to pitch them an excellent article in return for a contributor link. You can use automated email tools like Glass to accelerate the process.

Top Pages by Social Shares

The top pages by social shares are those getting shared on social media that show the most engagement. This matters to your SEO efforts because the search engines give extra weight to links shared on social media, and give them extra weight when liked or voted up. If you are doing an aggressive link building campaign for your website but not getting enough traffic, you will find it difficult to rank on the first page. Because you need traffic to justify those links.

Study the elements of the content that led it to necessarily go viral so you can replicate it on other content marketing pieces. Sometimes the issue is as simple as adding social media sharing buttons to all of the content marketing pieces and a call to action at the end of the piece asking them to share. In other cases, the content itself favors viral sharing such as funny videos or behind the scenes tours of the facility.

Top Pages by Estimated Search Traffic

Top pages by estimated search traffic are those receiving the most organic search traffic. This is the type of traffic you want to receive since it means the content ranks well for a variety of search terms. Make a list of the top 20 pages, write a similar SEO optimized article and publish it on your site. According to Joevren, SEO specialist at KEEN, any successful SEO campaign begins with an in depth keyword research. You can reverse engineer your top 10 competitors inside tools like or to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Use the google keyword planner to find out the average search volume for those keywords.

Top Pages by Ranking Keywords

The top pages by the number of ranking keywords are those that rank highest for that key search term or key phrase; it isn’t getting a lot of organic search traffic but dominates search results and particular queries for that particular term.

If content is ranking well for the primary search phrases that your site isn’t optimised for and a particular query is bringing in significant traffic, you should create content optimised for that key phrase if you don’t want to tailor your existing landing page for that search term.

Top Pages by Total Traffic

Top pages by total traffic are those that see the most visitors. Tools like will help you find these top traffic pages. Note that this could be a login page for a customer forum or tech support page, not content marketing pieces. If you notice that certain content marketing pieces are getting a lot of traffic, you should analyze them for best practices to be copied across the rest of the website.

It is possible that the top pages by total traffic aren’t the ones ranking highest in other categories like most backlinks or social media sharing but achieve this metric by doing well across the board. Top traffic pages are those pages with the most traffic, from all different sources like email, direct, social media, 3rd part websites, etc. etc. And, frankly, that’s a great strategy to follow instead of narrowly pursuing keyword optimisation or social media sharing. Top page reports are a literal goldmine for any company trying to improve their search engine optimization efforts and conversion.

Each of these metrics will give a wealth of information on what works and what doesn’t and will allow you to tailor your content accordingly and improve your site’s visibility and incoming traffic. And you will save countless hours doing the research and split testing yourself.


Elena works as a content specialist LTD. Their goal is to improve businesses visibility and ROI by using the latest SEO methods and online marketing techniques. Elena’s main focus right now is guest post outreach, what is called as white hat link building.