Potential customers are all over the place. However, they don’t know about you, which is why they haven’t and won’t spend money with you. This is where HVAC SEO can help.

If you have never done local SEO, then you’re missing out on a lot of business. Local SEO is all about ranking high in the local search results of Google and other search engines.

Just about half of all the searches in Google are for local products and services, which means if you’re in the HVAC business, then you need local HVAC SEO.

With that said, here are seven ways to improve your business’s visibility, which can lead to doing more business.

  1. Get Listed On Google My Business
  2. Utilize Google Posts
  3. Keep Your NAP Consistent
  4. Use Schema Markup
  5. Optimize Tags, URL And Content
  6. Build Links
  7. Get Your Business On Review Websites

Get Listed On Google My Business

Canada Furnace Victoria on Google My Business

The Google My Business Listing for Canada Furnace Victoria – http://victoria.canadafurnace.ca/

Google My Business, or GMB for short, is where it starts. People who search locally are usually searching for a location or address. This tool lets you list your company’s name, address, and location. You can also add other information such as hours of operation and directions. This info goes to both Google Maps and Google Search.

Google will send you a letter or give you a call. This is to verify your identity. If you’re approved, then you’ll get data on how consumers are finding you and where they came from. Such data will help you improve your local SEO strategy.

Utilize Google Posts

You can utilize Google posts in your Google My Business. In fact, every GMB account can take advantage of this, which allows you to post deals or local offerings. You can even announce future events via your GMB accounts.

Keep Your NAP Consistent

Keep your NAP consistent and updated across all channels you use. This means you want your information for your business to be the same on your main website, review websites, social media accounts and directory listings.

It’s important to keep everything updated; otherwise, Google’s algorithm won’t look kindly on it.

Use Schema Markup

schema for burke mountain plumbing and heating

Schema example from a plumbing and heating business – http://www.burkemountainplumbing.com/

You embed this code into your website’s HTML. This will help improve the way your website’s pages are presented in the search engine’s results. Google will be able to tell what your page’s elements are and they will know what the content on your pages means. If you can’t figure out how to use Schema markup, then hire a freelancer developer.

Optimize Tags, URL, And Content

Express Plumbing & Heating Optimized Title

Example of a properly optimized title tag for an HVAC website from http://www.expressplumbingandheating.ca/

Include your city or region in your meta descriptions, tags, content and headers. Don’t forget to use the targeted keyword for the page too. Google will then be able to properly index your page/pages for searches.

Link building helps with improving your website’s rank. You want to build local links. However, be very wary of someone who tells you they can create links for you very fast. The chances are they will use unethical methods.

Get Your Business On Review Websites

People tend to go to reviews websites before they buy anything. This means you’ll want to get your HVAC business on as many review sites as possible. However, those sites need to be relevant.

Some of the best review sites include:

Reviews can generate a lot of additional business, especially reviews from those sites.

The bottom line is local HVAC SEO is essential if you want to get more customers. If you’re not using local SEO methods, then your competitors are scooping up your potential customers because you can bet they are using local SEO. It doesn’t matter how great of a website you have, if nobody is visiting it, then nobody is buying your services and you will be missing out on the chance to generate massive profits.