designer planning a mobile web design on paper

Today’s web design shifted to become entirely focussed on a “mobile-first” mentality which is at the root of the digital growth of every brand. If a brand does not have a strong mobile presence it may soon be left behind when it comes to the generation of leads, the strength of their sales online or meaningful engagement with their customers.

Unfortunately, there are not many brands that examine the mobile experience that they offer to find ways that it could be improved. The single most important tool for marketing and sales is the mobile experience that your brand offers to customers. If you are a luxury brand, you had been stepping up your game because your clients have much higher expectations.

If there are any stumbling blocks to engagement or interaction via mobile devices to your website, those visitors may leave, never to return. Some standard mobile web design errors should be avoided to help foster a better web presence. Here are the top errors:

1. Cumbersome Navigation

Many brands will design a fancy website that they believe covers their product along with everything that they want to say about it. What they fail to keep in mind is that the end user needs the site to be functional on their mobile phone so that they can access it and get the information they need or to make a purchase.

The menu is one of the most important parts of your whole site, and this should be simple to use, laid out well and easy to read. If a visitor cannot find what they are looking for, they may leave because they are confused and frustrated. Each navigation button should be clearly labeled and not located too close to one another. Buttons should also be large enough that they can be clicked on using a small screen without any issues.

Think about the layout of your site and set up the navigation so that the user pathways are those that people would likely take when they visit your site. Most users understand and recognize the “hamburger” menu on their mobile device, and it is an intuitive way that visitors can access your site.

2. Font is Too Small

magnifying glass to read small fonts in web designIf you think that using a smaller font means that you can add more content, think again. This is a very costly mistake because small fonts are difficult to read, even on a desktop computer, so imagine how difficult it is to see that content on a mobile device.

Whether you offer a service or a product on your website, if the font is too small and hard to read, most people won’t take the time to read it and get your message. Cut down on the wording, keep it simple and use a font size that is readable. Try reading your content on your smartphone too. If it’s too small for you to read, then it needs to be larger.

3. Using a design, that is not Responsive

responsive web design on a laptop, tablet and phoneIf you are not using a responsive design for your mobile web site, then you are making a huge mistake. If your brand is spending money on a mobile application, then a responsive website must be used before your app is developed.

When your design is responsive, it creates the best possible experience for your users whether they are accessing from a PC or a mobile phone. The responsive design will ensure that your web site is rendered in a way that optimizes a user’s onsite experience to ensure it is suitable for the size of their screen. If your site does not have a responsive design it can make every experience on your site, no matter how simple, difficult.

One clear example is that your “buy now” button should be the size of a thumb, or you may be thwarting a purchase attempt by a visitor. If your site is a luxury brand and it’s hard to make a purchase, this can cause a potential customer to lose trust in your brand.

It should come as no surprise that the mobile presence of your website is just as important (or even more so) as your brand. Start by conducting your research and visiting your site with your mobile phone. If you see that the site does not render correctly or the buttons are hard to touch, or navigation is challenging, you may need to update your website. Always offer the best possible experience for mobile users if you want to continue to grow your brand.