Instagram is one of the popular social media nowadays after Facebook and Twitter dominated the whole network services. It displays series of photos of people who would like to share their day-to-day moments. Everyone can follow anyone upon looking at their news feed and clicking on the follow button on their bio. Profiles can be private or public; depending on how personal the account is. Random people can post anything on it and even buy likes on Instagram.


How do people mess with Instagram?

This public social networking service has its proper etiquette. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram follows formal and organized policies. Here, account owners should be aware of the exact way of persuading people to like their posts, direct message them, and eventually, follow them. Instagrammers make use of this community to make a living such as promoting products, gigs, songs and release updates of upcoming events. However, certain actions are beyond the limits of Instagram’s rule of the thumb. Several of them overdo such things and merely rely on marketing tactics like buy post likes. While these tactics can get you, followers, these will not be enough to make your fans stay loyal.

Now here are some examples of how people mess with Instagram:

  • It’s not about you. People are more interested in looking at how you enjoy the moment as you capture the photo and not just how beautiful the place is. Everyone can search those pictures online, but they can never find ones with your image on it. To make you post more engaging, you can make use of videos. Try to post snippets of videos first to increase views on Instagram videos once you posted them.
  • Low-quality photos. Providing the fact that Instagram showcases photos, others don’t mind about the quality of those as long as they are still called ‘photos.’ Well, if you want to be successful on this platform, you might want to reconsider this kind of mindset.
  • Concept unwise. Posting anything without a theme or concept would leave confusion to real Instagram followers. It’s like looking at a profile without getting any message, and conveying the right message is vital in social media, especially if you have a business profile.
  • Links in the comment section. It’s a no-no in Instagram. If you have done a little research, you’ll find out that this is rather useless since Instagram only allow one clickable link and that is in your profile bio.
  • Unscheduled grams. Followers don’t want to wait in vain for your next post or else they’ll end up unfollowing you. So, make a clear timeline of when to post what.
  • No #Hashtags. Some are idle enough to forget hashtags that others won’t take notice of your posts. Seriously? Hashtags are everything in Instagram.
  • No Fan Service. It would be upsetting for your followers if they won’t receive any response from you. Remember, engagement is key to social media success.
  • Private account. No one will dare to follow you if you don’t show off your beautiful photos. If you want to make it big in Instagram, then make your profile public, so your followers can connect and like your posts.

Why you should never mess with Instagram

Instagram has gone global. It becomes viral because of real Instagram followers who constantly share fantastic posts of famous people. Nevertheless, Instagrammers mess with Instagram.

The following are the reasons why people should never mess with Instagram:

  • No followers. If you need followers more than whom you’re following, stop messing with Instagram.
  • Banned posts/hashtags. There will be particular incidents that you misinterpret Instagram’s policy that they will ban your post and hashtags and will be restricted from using them.
  • Criticisms. You wouldn’t like to receive negative comments, so be careful with what you are posting.

How to avoid messing with Instagram?

As mentioned before, SNS experts enjoy posting photos and buying likes on Instagram. They usually have the courage to express something through posting regardless of the trouble it might bring. To avoid this from happening, below are some steps on how to avoid messing with Instagram:

  • Express yourself more than others. People would love to see your newsfeed that way.
  • Be creative with your photo editing skills. Instagram is an art.
  • Tag as many as you want. Do not forget the hashtags as well.
  • Be consistent with your daily blog. Make a schedule for that.
  • Interact with your followers to gain much recognition. They love to know you more.
  • Do not close your closet to everyone. Be open to the public.

Instagram has a lot more fun to offer if well-organized and orderly observed. It doesn’t need to be perfect; it has to be engaging in a very creative way.

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