Think With Google Mobile Test Tool website image

The Google Mobile-Friendly Test is a new tool, recently launched by Google, to help website owners test exactly how friendly their websites are for both mobile and desktop platforms. This new tool is intended for use by small business owners the world over. It is capable of taking in a wide range of factors that are critical to how a website is viewed over a mobile smart phone’s operating system, ranging from image compression to the data size needing to be downloaded by the smaller modems inside the average smartphone. And, given the increasing importance of mobile internet technology, a mobile-friendly web design can be invaluable for stirring up new business.

The analysis consists of a combination of tools that test how mobile-friendly a site is and page speed tests that are all combined into a single place. This tool is intended to test the performance of a website on a mobile device, as seeing how friendly it is to mobile devices, as well as how quickly it loads up on mobile devices and desktop devices. The tool is remarkably simple; to use; the user does nothing more than enter a URL, and the results are returned very quickly. Scores of mobile friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed are rated on a hundred point scale with anything under 60 being considered a poor score for that category. Because people check their phones over 150 times in a day on average, and more searches happen via mobile devices than over computers, this information can be crucial to have.

As well, Google is quite willing to send a free detailed report, automatically generated, however, showing the reasons why the website got the scores it got, as well as suggestions for fixing up the problems that resulted in low scores. Testing mobile friendliness in the modern age of smartphones can be essential to business, particularly for easy ways to improve a web site’s mobile friendliness, such as optimizing images. Easy fixes are always good for small businesses that don’t have much money. There are also tools like Mobilizer, which shows exactly how a site looks when viewed on some devices, ranging from smartphone market titans like the Apple iPhone to smaller, more obscure devices using lesser known operating systems.

The importance of having a mobile-friendly site is a bit hard to overstate. As more and more people find their internet searches done on the go over a phone, be it looking for a bus stop or place to eat, it can be more and more important to assume that your website is easy to find and use on a mobile device for the best search engine optimization possible, particularly the most popular mobile devices. It can be difficult to optimize a site for use on a mobile platform, but in ensuring that a website is useful on both mobile and desktop platforms, it expands a company’s ability to reach consumers over the ever-growing world wide web.

Todd Hartley from WireBuzz goes over the Think With Google Mobile-Friendly test tool in the video below.