As more and more small-to-medium businesses or SMBs focus on organic search ranking because it is free, there are still a lot of great reasons why you should also consider pay per click ads. In today’s world of digital marketing, local businesses should always find every means possible to advertise their products and PPC ads is just one way to deliver that.

Understanding PPC

Pay per click advertising as most know, allows you to pay for your ads and place them on search engines and social media platforms such as on Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, Bings Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and Linkedin.

In Google, these ads will appear mostly at the top of the organic search results. With Facebook, the ads can be found mostly in the right column of your page. Twitter use PPC as promoted tweets while Linkedin uses this strategy to corporate customers.

Google remains the number one leader in this kind of advertising strategy with the use of Google AdWords. Regardless of whether the clicks will turn into sales, this format can still be very effective in reaching more consumers that are looking for the products or services that you are offering.


The Benefits of PPCs

Almost all businesses can benefit from this marketing strategy since this will add to your online presence. Before you start, make sure your advertisement has all the relevant keywords to use, know who and where your audiences are and create a marketing strategy that will develop more leads to guarantee success.

Some reasons why PPC can help your business are:
• You will be seen on the top first page even if you do not have a good ranking yet
• More streamline of revenue while you are still utilising your natural search rankings
• More clicks and referrals even if you already have a good ranking
• You can geographically target your ads to appear only in your local area

How to Use Paid Ads

To introduce your products and services to your target audience make certain that you customise your campaign. Since you know who your target better than anyone else plus you can use the Google keyword tool to your advantage, you can start creating phrases that you know someone is searching for. For instance, “Real Estate Agents in Warwick” or “Mexican Restaurants in Massachusetts.”

Make sure that your ads will match your location and keyword group to make your landing page engage and convert. Since your local ad is already on the top page, it is necessary to provide the right information your customers are searching for since they don’t want to be misled with the wrong info when they visit your site.

In the example “Mexican Restaurants in Massachusetts,” if you have different Mexican restaurant locations, you want your PPC to just concentrate on a particular location you have since most of those who click on your ad would not browse on your main page but would be expecting relevant information right from the start, which is why customizing is very crucial to your success.

Call Extension and Tracking your progress

Since most audiences these days use their smartphones to handle their transactions, there is a good chance that they will be clicking your ad through the use of their devices. Once they see your business, they will call and inquire first before visiting. The Click-to-Call Google feature will let your business get phone numbers and additional information from them so make sure you can easily be reached.

Don’t forget to track your ad once it is already set. Tracking your progress with the use of Google’s phone extensions will help you find the people who called to check out prices and set out appointments. This will also allow you to find what keywords they mostly used to find you which you could also use to enhance your ad campaign.


Combine PPC with SEO

Most local businesses these days also use SEO to take care of their organic search marketing by optimising their landing pages. Use PPC and SEO together, and this will result in a more collaborative effect that will yield a better result.

With all of these excellent opportunities set with pay-per-click advertising, it is no wonder a lot of businesses are still doing them.

elenaElena is an avid traveller and a food lover. She is the content manager at AfterfivebyDesign. When she is not at work or travelling, Elena volunteers at Project Gala Foundation, a local respite centre for the elderly and disabled children.