These days, custom mobile apps are gaining a lot of traction with businesses of every variety, big and small. The advantage of custom mobile apps is that they can be personalized to the exact degree required to address the requirements of specific audiences rather than delivering a solution that tries to do everything for all audiences. Some typical advantages that businesses can expect to get from custom mobile app development:

Improvement in Efficiency

Being custom built to the requirements of your business, these apps deliver all the services required through a single interface negating the necessity of having multiple apps. Further, since these apps are tailored to the business’s operating style, it leads to increased employee productivity with obvious benefits to the business in terms of return on investment.

High Scalability

Third party apps have the capability of handling a limited number of processes and resources and may not be able to handle the load of a growing business. Apps that you develop to your own requirements will take into account your growth projections and will invariably have the capability of being scaled up whenever required.


High Security

Off-the-shelf business apps are unlikely to have the special security features that are required to ensure complete business data security. Developing your own business app will give you the opportunity of building all the security features that you think are relevant to counter the risks in your particular business environment. For a better idea of app security, you can talk to one of the reputed iOS app development companies in Mumbai.

Easy Integration with Existing Software

Third-party mobile apps are built to cater to a wide spectrum of IT environments and may lack the ability to smoothly integrate with your existing software thus creating operational hassles and consequent loss of productivity. When you develop custom apps, the technicalities of your existing software are taken care of as a matter of course.

Easy Maintenance

When you implement a third-party app you are at the mercy of the developer to provide support. If suddenly you find that the app has been discontinued, you will have no other option but to identify a new app to switch to. However, when you custom build an app, you retain complete control and do not have to rely on others for technical support.

Superior Customer Relationship

With mobile apps that have been customized to your business requirements, you can send off completely personalized communication to your prospects and customers regarding product updates in real-time. Additionally, you are able to retrieve customer details and also receive feedback that will assist you to improve the quality of your customer relationships.



Developing a mobile app customized to the needs of your business translates to better business efficiency, enhanced security and superior ROI. It is definitely a better bet than relying on third-party apps.

Sujain Thomas has worked with some of the top iOS app development companies in Mumbai. Sujain writes regularly on issues of custom mobile app development.