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How On-Page and Off-Page SEO affect Search Engine Rankings

Businesses great and small, well-established and just-starting-up are all seeing the value of increasing their online prominence and improving their website’s position in the search engines results pages. There is little need to explain the value of this priceless position in the highly competitive online market.

The process of improving a website’s position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and features a wide variety of methods and practices that can be applied to this purpose. SEO is aimed at improving the rankings of a website by enhancing the way it is presented to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and much more.

The presentation of a site can be affected either on the page itself (On-Page SEO) or off the page (Off-Page SEO); following is a brief run-down of the factors that can affect on- and off-page SEO and thus the standings the website has in the SERPs:

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On-Page Factors that Affect SEO

On-Page SEO includes all the techniques applied for organizing and appointing the site itself for optimal visibility, efficiency, and relevancy as well as a plethora of other more specific aspects that can significantly improve traffic and kick your rankings up a notch.

Arguably one of the most important factors that affect on-page SEO is the speed at which the page can load. Pages that have extensive amounts of high-capacity content; such as video content, flash programs and more, will take much longer to load than those that have been properly designed for fast loading.

Surveys have found that many people will not even do business with a site if the site seems to have loading process or simply takes too long to load. With more than 80% of all shoppers conducting regular online transactions, it’s quite obvious how important this factor is.

Other important factors include, how the website itself has been organized and prepared to be indexed by the ‘bots’ the search engines have ‘crawling’ the internet in search of new sites to add to their SERPs. If the site is not easily read by these bots, the links lead nowhere, the content is confusing, or the Sitemap is not correctly administered, it is a safe bet that the search engines will relegate this site to the 16 Zillionth SERP.

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Off-Page Factors that Affect SEO

Off-page SEO was once merely a way of accumulating exterior links that can direct valuable traffic to the website, but with the ever increasing importance of social media, the importance of a formidable off-page SEO campaign is as equally as, or more important than, the efforts made to optimize the on-page SEO.

The most important factors that affect off-page SEO — again this is open for debate and what we’ve found at Coronation Internet Marketing – SEO Phoenix, yet these are most often true for the vast majority of situations— are link building and social media.

Each of these techniques is a topic in themselves, yet if they have balanced and appointed well they for the propulsion unit that will drive an ever increasing amount of attention toward the product, service or website in question.

The Googlebot and the many other search engine crawlers measure how ‘relevant’ a site is by many algorithms, but one thing that is sure to get their attention is a rise in human attention. A site that is gathering quality attention from users is a site that is highly relevant to the search query in question, and so they will increase the ranking and soon the authority of the site.

Site authority is solid gold in the online market.

In Conclusion — Imagine the efforts of your On-page and off-page SEO campaigns as two jet engines propelling your enterprise onward. When they are balanced well, you can be sure to reach greater heights, and the opposite is also true when out of synch.

While the first benefits are usually those of the off-page SEO efforts, it is the on-page SEO that will be instrumental in increasing the position of the site with search engines. One final word, avoid shortcuts and those who employ them, these can seriously harm an online campaign, and the Googlebot will penalize those found doing so.