Is seo still important in the online marketing world today

Over the past few years, Google has appeared to squelch all attempts to use SEO for marketing purposes. In the recent past, search engine optimization was all about getting tons of backlinks and stuff content full of keywords. SEO was a practice that was actively worked on.

However, targeting real human beings is what Google wants you to do. They would prefer that you don’t even think about SEO. For a very long time, this message has been preached by people such as Matt Cutts, so it does appear that this philosophy is one they are quite serious about.

So where does all of this leave you as a fruitful and knowledgeable entrepreneur?

SEO is a concept that is still very much alive and well. SEO never died, and won’t. When it comes to business-to-business marketers, 57% still view SEO as being the most critical part of lead generation. The difference is how SEO is targeted. Today, SEO is all about popularity with humans. SEO needs to be viewed in an entirely new light. Google wants the most popular and relevant websites to appear at the top of its search engine rankings which is nothing new.

They have the right technology for doing this now. That is why two individuals can conduct the same search but get completely different results. It is all based on whatever has been done by the searcher before unless you are using a web browser that hasn’t conducted any previous searches.

Content Is King

Content is King

Currently, SEO is ultimately driven by content. If somebody often goes to your website from Google, it is more likely that your site will come up for them again when conducting a relevant search. Briefly put, content is king. That is the reality that you need to adapt to.

What kind of content should you be producing?

For starters, your content needs to be aimed at a particular niche. You will surely fail if you try being everything to everyone. You need to have the ability to drill down deep into different niches to find who your audience is. That will result in less traffic, but the traffic will be more targeted.

The individuals who are the most likely to make purchases from you are part of a very exclusive group of people. This group is the one you need to target since less traffic might mean more profits in today’s world.

This kind of content will entirely depend on what evokes a response from your audience. Does your audience prefer long-form blogs, video content, infographics or images?

Social Media

SEO and Social Media are Integrated

Ever since Twitter was incorporated by Google into its search results, an entirely new world of social media and SEO has been created. Google might not like social media because it is a competitor regarding how individuals search for things online. However, it also fits in with Google’s goals of ensuring that its search engine truly reflects the things that people are looking for.

The only way to succeed with social media is to meet your customer’s needs. If you can’t do that, then you won’t ever make it all the way to the top of the search engine rankings.

Your social media and SEO strategy need to work together. Great content is what drives them both, so they are nearly the same. One of the major difference is that the focus of social media is building relationships with individuals to help you attract more followers and build a thriving community.

Real Human Relationships

When SEO is drilled into, you will find that it focuses on making a connection with the audience you are targeting. It’s necessary to understand the audience you are targeting and speak directly to them. When real human relationships are formed in this way, it will help to ensure real popularity, which is something that will be noticed by Google.

All of this takes time, which is something you need to remember. Up until a few years ago, you could simply order 100 keyword stuffed articles and see your website soar in the ranking.

These days it is a much slower process that does require you to put in a lot of effort.

Forget About Automation

These days automation isn’t an option any longer since SEO has become integrated with social media. You should have an active presence on Facebook, on Twitter, and your website to quickly respond t people. If you try to automate everything people won’t be happy.

You might need to have somebody on the team handling these responsibilities full-time. That might appear to be a significant investment to have to make. However, it is worth it.


SEO is not dead, and won’t be anytime shortly. However, the game has changed. You need to determine how to respond to the rapidly changing landscape.