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Website SEO

Search engine optimization or universally branded as SEO is a principal term for all techniques used to improve a website or its visibility in search engines to rank it high in search engine result pages. The real objective behind SEO is a website to appear on the first page of organic search results of the leading search engines relatively than the paid segments.

Search Engine Optimization is Essential Because:

  • Clients will likely click top 10 sites visible on the first page in their search engine results and as online based marketers you need SEO to rank your site on the first page of any search engine.
  • Ranking in top position in any search engine result page will not only automatically increase traffic to your site but also earn more trust from visitors since there is a perception that first-page search results are more trustworthy and credible.
  • Suitable SEO practices not only improves the user experience but it becomes easier for search engines and users to navigate easily on the website.
  • SEO when applied as a marketing tool it can deliver more viable results than any outbound strategy such as telemarketing. The reason why SEO is an effective method is that it targets customers based on the products and services there searching for using keywords.
  • When you think about social promotion for a website the best tool to use for optimal success is search engine optimization. An optimized site will likely find users who share it across social networks.

What Search Engines Are Looking For

Content Freshness

Your website is a living entity in the internet world. To live you need to eat and same applies to all websites. Websites need fresh content and frequent update for search engines to reposition the website ranking in their index.

Quality Content

Quality content according to the description by experts in SEO profession is anything that gives value regarding it answers the question how to, and where to, it is information that people find valuable and they quote it, find it informative and engaging, and they share it and worth to be linked to.

Use of Keywords

Keywords are the support pillar and most important SEO element for such engine. These keywords and phrases are the reason you have traffic on your site, and they make the website visible. Without relevant keywords then your SEO campaign is doomed to fail terribly. The challenge comes in compiling the right keywords for your site and putting them to succeed in website SEO


“Content is the ultimate king.” This is a phrase better known by bloggers and online marketers due to its application in search engine optimization. Quality, relevant and informative information published on a website dictates whether it’s worth to be linked to or is the site being used by other authoritative sites as a reference point.

User experience

A website that is easy to use, understand, and navigate with a good layout of content will certainly influence website SEO ranking based on those essential factors.

What search engines aren’t looking for?

Keyword Stuffing

The quickest way to negative index exclusion is the practice of keyword stuffing. This practice has been in existence in spam book, and it entails publishing content that has no meaning or value to a user, yet it has 200 repeated keywords in it. This practice not only affects website search engine optimization but can lead to a site being blacklisted as spam.

Hidden Text

Some website owners think they’re too smart for search engines, and they place their keywords in white text or any other color that blend with the background color. Text like this might not be visible to users, but robots in search engines can identify this malpractice. In return when search engines algorithms change the website, ranking is drastically affected

Links Spam

There is no shortcut to fortunes and fame hence working hard at your website is the only way to achieve positive results. Using unorthodox methods to post your website links in all existing web forums and blogs using software will do more harm to your site such as banning or being blacklisted. Buying of links is another negative factor that will oversee the downfall of your site ranking drastically.

Invaluable Content

Content that has no value to a user and utterly irrelevant hurts search engines ranking. Spun or stolen content will inevitably affect your website ranking.

Poor User Experience

A website that is not only complicated to navigate, not mobile and other devices responsive and full of ads will affect the site overall ranking. To rectify the problem have a look at the website bounce rate to evaluate the problem

It’s essential for any website owner to exercise the right SEO approach which will eventually deliver the traffic desired to the site and convert leads into sales. Use of unorthodox methods to achieve the same resolution will succeed for a short period but might leave your site penalized, blacklisted as spam or worse being banned from search engines.

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